Work – A Paycheck Or A Calling?

Please take a look at this one minute video and let me know if you think I should add one of these occasionally – possibly once a week. Each one is short and to the point, about a minute each. I’m undecided at this point. I need and respect your honest opinion! I don’t want to flood anyone with too much stuff.

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“Working for Christ”

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4 Comments on “Work – A Paycheck Or A Calling?”

  1. terribell85 Says:

    I like the video a lot and am always looking for encouraging videos that I can share with my fellow bloggers! I don’t think that this would be an issue if you started to incorporate them into your weekly blog!! I think as long as you don’t do them back to back you won’t ruin the experience for your readers.


  2. Daniel Undem Says:

    I usually don’t watch videos posted on blogs, but I did watch this one. Not bad short and to the point, but personally I’d rather read something than watch it.


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