Jesus said, “there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” (Luke 15:7, NIV)

Our job – no matter what we do to earn a living, – is to find that one person who’s in need of a Savior. That’s the reason God has placed each of us where we are now. That’s the same reason He placed us where we were five years ago; and it’s the same reason He’ll place us somewhere else in another five years.

In order to be “Working for Christ” we need to do everything possible to become more like Him. We need to study His Word and accept His teachings. We need to acknowledge Him as our Savior and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. We need to ask for forgiveness and turn away from our sinful, worldly ways. We need to make every attempt to keep Satan from slithering back into our lives. In other words, we need to live our faith. Other people should be able to see Christ living in us. We shouldn’t have to “say” too much. Our actions should speak for themselves.

“How can I do that when I work for an atheist?” you may ask. Or, “Our philosophy is to get whatever we can out of everyone we come into contact with. It’s all about profit!” you’re boss may insist.

Once we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, we become more like Christ. We treat people with greater respect, whether they buy our products or not. The atheist we work for becomes a child of God, someone of great value, someone in need of love – not someone to be intimidated by or to be hated. We don’t need to “ram” Jesus down their throat – we need to gently and lovingly steer them toward Him and to a redeemed life. We do that more by our actions than by our words.

It really doesn’t matter what we do to earn a living. That’s not what “living” is all about. Living is about love – loving the way Jesus loved. It’s about forgiving – forgiving the way Jesus forgave. Most importantly, living here and now is about being ready to spend eternity with our Savior.

Start this Monday to become more like Christ in the way you do your job. Don’t be afraid to be a little different – especially if it means being a little more like Jesus.

Enjoy your week, “Working for Christ”!

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  1. George Hayward Says:

    Love it!


  2. I love this message of tolerance, which I think is more truly Christian in its best sense than so many other views. What a wonderful post.


  3. terribell85 Says:

    Amen! It is so God that you used the words don’t be afraid to be different in your closing because that is what God has been telling me for sometime now and it’s a sweet reminder that I do things differently because Godwants me to and it’s perfectly okay!! God Bless You!!


  4. garden2day Says:

    Ditto-living a life in Christ means more than saying we do. We cannot let the serpent slither back in through the cracks though he will try his best. I also think quality is much better than quantity in reaching others. Very meaningful post.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Very Powerful – We do have such a great opportunity to show others Jesus in our work life – just in our day to day actions. God Bless You and Happy Thanksgiving!


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