“I have brought You glory on earth by finishing the work You gave Me to do.” (John 17:4, NIV)


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Christmas is all about the birth of our Savior and the reason Jesus came to live among us. But once that birth takes place, little is known about Him until He’s about thirty years old – when He was finally baptized. There is an absence of historical biblical data during the time Jesus was growing into a young man. There is a reason for that. Clearly, that wasn’t the focus of the gospel writers. In addition, the early gospel writers assumed that their original audience knew what the life of a Jewish boy would be like. It was common practice for a Jewish father to pass on his trade to his son.

In other words, Jesus had a job – like you and me, He worked to earn a living – not in professional ministry, but in the marketplace. Jesus spent more time in the workplace than He did teaching and preaching.

What lesson can we draw from this? Obviously, the three short years that Jesus actually spent preaching, teaching, healing, training and equipping, were enough for Him to finish everything God had for Him to do (John 17:4). The time He did spend was exactly what God had planned for Him. The same is true for you and me. Some of us are called to spend all our time in “traditional ministry”. The majority of us are called to spend our time in “non-traditional ministry”. That doesn’t mean we are any less significant or any less eternity impacting than those who are called to spend their time in “traditional ministry”. The key is to be faithful 100% of the time no matter what God has asked you to do – to be ready for those moments when God may have something unusual for which he has prepared you. That day could be today.

Whether you are in “traditional ministry” or “non-traditional ministry”, you have been equipped to bring others to our Savior. Christmas day is about the birth of a Baby. The way in which we live our lives is supposed to bring that Baby to life  – in a way that brings eternal life to those around us!


Enjoy your Wednesday, “Working for Christ”!

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3 Comments on “THE BIRTH OF A BABY!”

  1. Thank you for this post, I am slowly moving into what God has called me to do for years but I have been reluctant because it’s not “traditional”


  2. garden2day Says:

    What a great post. God can prepare us all of our lives to sometimes give what seem to be only moments of ministry and sometimes–many times–we do not see the results. God’s mysteries… 😀 Thank you. Take care!!!!!


  3. Amen! Often times we think of ministry as only being within a church when in reality most ministry takes place outside of it, in our homes, in our workplace, on our streets…

    God calls each on of us for a specific task and if it doesn’t include being on the mission field in a foreign country or on stage in front of a church we are not less important than those people that actually do those things.

    Thank you for this. Be blessed!


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