“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4:10, NIV)


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Many Christians feel a tension between the sacred and the secular. “If I am going to be a true disciple and spread the Word of God, I need to be in the ministry – in a church setting. After all, if Jesus were alive today, would He become a stock broker or business consultant? What’s so great about a job in the marketplace if the ultimate goal is only to increase a stock’s price or to obtain a better profit margin?”

Many of us are under the false belief that the “sacred” and the “secular” never overlap. This kind of thinking is what drives most of us to believe that working in ministry is more desirable than working in the business world.

Some believers soften the tension between the sacred and the secular by simply becoming pastors or missionaries, but there is another way to address this conflict. God gives each of us different gifts, passions and callings, and for some of us, these gifts are extremely valuable in the business world. If our calling is to advance God’s kingdom through business, then that is our highest calling!

Wherever God calls us – whether in the marketplace, or in the church, or in the mission field – our calling is honorable and blessed. In fact, the sacred and the secular do overlap and coexist. Not only do we need pastors and missionaries, we also need strong, Christian business leaders to be examples for Christ. All aspects of our lives, including our work, should be considered “ministry” when the goal is to further God’s purposes.

There shouldn’t be a conflict when we seek to serve God through our work. The marketplace is a legitimate venue for serving others. When we do, our work – no matter what it is – becomes a sacred act and we become “faithful stewards of God’s grace”.

Enjoy your Friday, “Working for Christ”!

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10 Comments on “OUR WORK IS SACRED!”

  1. I love this one!!!! Our gifts from God is not only money, it can be a smile or a compliment, or just being on time and doing what we said we would do….. This is good stuff to think on right through the weekend…
    Take Care my Friend and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  2. garden2day Says:

    Very nicely said! Walking with God among others…a nice place to be because we can touch people who would normally not be reached. Have a great weekend and take care! 😀


  3. Karen Says:

    Excellent post! Jesus and his disciples were involved in lots of secular jobs. Jesus was a carpenter, referred to as a shepherd. His disciples were fishermen and tax collectors. Paul was a tent maker.


  4. You’re speaking our language here! I’d push it even further to say a person’s mission and vocation can and should overlap no matter where they spend their time from 8-5.


  5. Lyn Says:

    Wherever we work, whatever our job title, we are Ambassadors for Christ. There is no job that is unimportant, or task so menial that it can’t be sacred. Thank you, this is a great post.


  6. […] Our Work Is Sacred! (work4christ.wordpress.com) […]


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