“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” (Matthew 6:25, NIV)


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We still live in questionable economic times. The country is on the verge of going over the “economic cliff”. Many people are still being laid off. The housing market is showing signs of recovery, but far too many people are losing the battle to foreclosure and bankruptcy. Much of the work in the United States has been outsourced to places like China and South America. Our middle class is shrinking and the lower class is expanding.

We all know somebody who has been laid off recently or is having trouble finding work. It’s difficult to hear about our young people spending four, six, even eight years in college only to find out there is no work in their field of expertise when they graduate. It’s disheartening, not only for the younger generation, but for the older folks, too.

If we spend all our time focusing on the negative, it’s scary stuff. Our world can be a frightening place if we allow Satan to get into our heads. It’s only natural to be concerned when people are cleaning out their desks because they lost their jobs, or they’re selling their homes because they can’t afford that huge mortgage payment anymore. But don’t worry.

Worry never changed a thing. Our jobs, homes, cars, boats, money, and all our worldly things come and go as we live here on earth. They are not the source of our success or peace of mind. God is our source.

No matter what is going on around you; no matter how many people are packing up their offices; no matter what state the economy is in; no matter how many pink slips are circulating; no matter what – God is the source!

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19, NIV)

So don’t worry. God is still on the throne, and heaven’s economy is just fine!

God is on the Throne

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Enjoy your weekend, “Working for Christ”!

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28 Comments on “GOD IS THE SOURCE!”

  1. Ann Says:

    Yes, it is kind of hard on us “older” folks:) I have found ways to grow so much closer to God and rebuild my life in other areas during this time. It takes effort but being unemployed for a bit can actually be a blessing. God has been faithful to supply all my needs during this time. For all I know, He actually orchestrated it!


    • Dave Boller Says:

      Sometimes we get so involved in our lives, we kinda forget about God! It’s good to slow down and get to know Him a little better. Thanks for your comment! God bless you! 🙂


    • bernasvibe Says:

      **@ For all I know, He actually orchestrated it!…You said more than a mouthful Ann. For truth is none of us know what God is “orchestrating for us along our life journey. How much sweeter life seems when we NO longer take things for granted? Like after being unemployed for a bit; or re-covering financially after a divorce ; or re-grouping when finally all kids have gone off to college & we’re left with an empty nest..I know in my life I’ve been through some dark times & deeeep valleys that I thought I’d never “see”the light of day again! Or rather that I’d never appreciate the light of day..BUT now I see. And every day I leap out of the bed(literally) eager to start each beautiful day. I’m having the time of my life now..Mayhaps I had to fumble my way through the darkness to truly appreciate the beauty of life…for I used to so take things for granted. Not anymore…and I always share my testimony with others . Who knows who may be reading this and need a bit of encouragement that THIS TOO SHALL PASS..Whatever one goes through. GOD never lets us walk alone; we just think we’re walking alone sometimes. Stay UPlifted all & blessed!


  2. shadowlilies Says:

    So true about the times we are living in…but even truer are the promises in the Word to trust and not be anxious for tomorrow. Thanks for the encouraging word!


  3. Annie B Says:

    Thank you Dave…we so need this reminder often! Annie B 🙂


  4. garden2day Says:

    🙂 It is easy to see only the bad when we focus on us and our surroundings and it is sometimes hard to trust God for everything but I believe these times are calling us to do exactly that. I don’t know if I can depend on my earthly sources tomorrow or next year (and I can’t), but I know God will see to it that I am cared for if I trust in Him. – Great post!!! Wishing you the best and please take care! 😀


  5. Dave Boller Says:

    Thanks, Amy! I appreciate you 🙂 ! Have a restful and relaxing weekend!


  6. L. A. Howard Says:

    I’m one of those who lost her job. However, it was a terrible job with terrible pay. Since I was fired in October, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I DO want to pursue. I’ve decided that, while I love writing and still want to pursue it, I don’t want to rely on it as a source of income. (I enjoy writing fiction, but I think writing a tech manuals or magazine articles would make me suicidal after a while.)

    I’ve decided to take courses at the school my husband works at for graphic design. It’s artistic, and it’s lenient enough to where I could find work both artistically and professionally if I needed to. Plus, he and his get free classes since he’s worked there for two years. 😀

    I’m hoping that, come Monday when he looks into it, that I hear a good word on it!! I’m a little scared, but I think I can make it with God’s help!


  7. cnhfaith Says:

    Reblogged this on Faith.


  8. Beautiful bible verses that mean a lot to me! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Hilda Steyn Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog http://www.broomformybrain.wordpress.com. I am so glad you did, now I found you! It’s great to inspire each other in our spiritual journey. Be blessed.


  10. Joyful Reader Says:

    If we could all learn to be happy without all the earthly “stuff” what a simpler happier life we would have in our Lord Jesus. He is not complicted, He is not stingy, He is all knowing and loveing! If we could only put down all the “things” and be happy in The Word we would have nothing to worry about.

    Praise the Lord!


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  12. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest
    but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. All the best


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