“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” (Luke 16:10, NLT)

Being in business for the past thirty years, I’ve been exposed to plenty of motivational speakers and programs. My wife tells me that I’m an oddball, but frankly I’ve never needed other people or programs to motivate me at work. I am extremely self-motivated. Boredom rarely, if ever, exists in my words, attitudes, or actions.


And yet, as I look out at the landscape of today’s workplaces, boredom seems to be rampant – even among Christians! I believe most of this boredom is self-inflicted. To a large degree your job is what you make it, whether you’re the janitor or the CEO.

In the big picture, Christians should be the least-bored, most-enthused workers in the world! You are a child of the Creator, and His Spirit dwells within you. Do you think God gets “bored?” If you are bored, ask God for the creativity to make your job more interesting! You’d be amazed at how fresh, exciting and creative the most mundane of jobs can be, when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

If you’re bored at work today, before you expend all that time and energy to go job-hunting and job-hopping, why not deal with the core issue first? Once you’re happy, content, satisfied, and enthusiastic about your present position, God may then open a door of opportunity for greater challenge, growth, responsibility, and rewards. But if you can’t be trusted with little, how can He trust you with more?

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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This article was written by Drew Crandall, founder of Northeast Christians At Work. Drew is a modern-day “tentmaker,” making a living through his marketing and media business.  © KEEP IN TOUCH   Used by permission. All rights reserved.   Content edited and distributed by “Working for Christ” for non-profit educational purposes.


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33 Comments on “ARE YOU BORED?”

  1. Mindy Says:

    I appreciated your comments about why Christians should NOT be bored. You added a whole new dimension to my thinking.

    Thank you so much for linking to my article. It was encouraging to find the pingback this morning. Blessings to you as you continue to work and write for the Lord’s glory.


  2. I loved this writing! Thank you!


  3. AMEN! with the bible passage AND I never had time to be bored at work! 🙂 That would drive me bonkers to be bored! Thx for the inspiration.


  4. Thanks for the link-love, my friend. Cheers!


  5. I am absolutely NEVER bored. God fascinates me, surprises me, and unfortunately I get scared somethings, but with Him I soon laugh. 🙂


  6. I too was never bored at work. My attitude was that of Col 3:23 and I had that posted on my wall at work. I then put “the relentless pursuit of perfection” on my desk. My boss hated it, chided me about it. My response was that I knew I would never achieve it here, but it was something to work towards. Thanks for this post.


  7. AR Neal Says:

    Thank you for this! I certainly needed it today 🙂


  8. seeker Says:

    Being with Christ, there is no time to be bored.


  9. Heidi Viars Says:

    “Christians should be the least-bored, most-enthused workers in the world” … .couldn’t agree more! there are tears to dry, wells to dig, people to encourage, books to write, elders to visit, cards to send, garbage to pick up, … sorry … gotta go 🙂


  10. I agree! Feed some hungry, give to the poor, visit shut-ins


  11. […] ARE YOU BORED?. […]


  12. An excellent article. Thanks for sharing it. I think this, like so many other things, is a heart issue, not necessarily a job issue. Thanks for sharing this and blessings on your day.



  13. Certainly worth thinking about! I think I can not be bored again!


  14. Pastor Roland Ledoux Says:

    We were created in His Image, with His attributes, nature and character (the potential for all in Christ) and I have never once seen in the Scriptures, “boredom!” Great article and although I am no longer in the “public” workforce, a minister’s “job” is never done!! I found you through Morning Story and Dilbert and am now following! I’m new to this media, but have been so in awe of all the Brothers and Sisters in Christ I have found!
    Have had a website for oodles and oodles of years, but the Holy Spirit has led me to re-purpose it and start my blog! I love writer’s and bloggers such as you who can explain clearly all that our Lord has for those willing to listen!! Great job indeed!
    God bless you continually!!


  15. Nin Ashmore Says:

    Attitude is everything in whatever endeavor we are engaged in, at work, at home, at church. When I was a kid, I was the oldest and washing dishes was my daily chore. By the way, I hated it! Sooo, I would drag it out and take “forever,” to wash the dishes! Too bad, I wasn’t smart enough to hurry, get it over with and go outside and play with my friends.

    Change your attitude; change your life.

    Holy Spirit when my attitude is wrong, let me trust You to help me. I will put into your capable hands, the willingness to change.


  16. pluto162013 Says:

    I liked it, because I am one of the rare ones who are not bored. I found my inspiration to be not to be bored in the most unlikely place- a sentence in a James Bond novel. It was, I think, “God first bores you and then kills you.” I thought, kill me ‘He’ will, but try as He might, he will not bore me. I found it easy not to be bored, because I was always a lonely person and had found many ways to amuse myself. It helps to populate one’s mind with strange persons and watch their play or to solve puzzles in your head and so on. The best is to concentrate on your work and get it out of the way without delay to engage your mind in amusing pastimes again.


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