“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28, NIV)

romans 8-28

In all things? You’re kidding me, right? I just lost my job. My boss just demoted me. I haven’t had a raise in five years and I won’t be getting one again this year. How can that be good? That sounds pretty bad to me!

But wait a minute. You need to read a little further and put the whole verse in context. Do you love the Lord? Have you been called according to His purpose?

Maybe your relationship with Him is simply one of convenience. You say you love Him – as long as everything is going your way. You’re happy with your job, and acknowledge that it’s according to His purposes – as long as you keep getting raises and promotions.

But what about when things aren’t going the way you want? How do you feel about Him then? If you have any doubts, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with Him. We need to be able to understand that no matter how tough things get, the things that happen to us – no matter how good or bad – have been designed by Him to work for our best and for His glory.

Don’t worry when things aren’t going your way. They’re definitely going His way!

God Is For Us

No matter what happens today, enjoy “Working for Christ”!

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29 Comments on “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

  1. kellyscott57 Says:

    what is your opinion on Christians using POT?
    Im dead set against it


    • Kelly –

      Years ago I smoked pot, but I didn’t have a good relationship with the Lord at the time. I’m not sure how it would have affected that relationship if I had one. I’m pretty sure today’s pot has been engineered to take you places I’ve never been. I have no interest in trying it because I don’t think I want to subject the Holy Spirit (who lives within me) to it. That’s just my opinion. Maybe there’s some pot out there that has been designed to bring you closer to God. Would that be wrong? I don’t think so. I strongly believe, however, that anything that gets between you and your relationship with the Lord should be avoided. God bless you! 🙂 Dave


  2. imconfident Says:

    Our idea of good is much different than God’s. He can see what the future will bring but with our limitations we don’t know why things happen in our lives. I can look back to some of the bad things that happened in my life and now I understand why I had to go through those difficult times because I am able to understand life much better and God is working through me to help other people. It is in those difficult times that we learn and grow and if we are patient and have faith, we will see the reason.


  3. You gotta love that “all” word, it gets us everytime!! Great post!


  4. Excellent post. You have no idea how badly I needed to hear this today! Thank you!


  5. The only time I get crossways with Romans 8:28 is when I use my own interpretation of what is good for me. But I do not know what is good for me, only God knows. The closest I can get to knowing what is good for me is when I keep eternal values in mind, not selfish secular values.


  6. Ana Bella Says:

    SO GOOD! I may just have to repost this 🙂


  7. Ben Says:

    I don’t think we can say that everything is designed by God for our good, even the sin. We make lot’s of mistakes, even us that love Him. What Paul is saying is even in the middle of our, sometimes bad, mess, God will work things together for our good.

    For sure we cause unnecessary suffering, even us Christians, with our often poor choices and disobedience. God can see what we will do but I’m not sure we shouldn’t say He designed it all; what He does do, in His amazingness is work in the middle of our nonsense to bring us through it, even somehow benefiting from it.

    What an Incredible God we have.


  8. coffeediva Says:

    Amen and Amen! 🙂


  9. Aiways put GOD first!


  10. Don Hartness Says:

    How about when my I tragically lose my spouse? Or my children? Or my friends? What if I barely have enough to eat, let alone enough for a mortgage payment?

    Yup, then too. Besides all the greater good that you will see (if you just hold on in faith) will come the added love and appreciation you will have for the Author who brought it to pass. Relationships that have been through trial and tribulations are stronger afterwards.

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed that. 🙂


  11. onemunchingmomma Says:

    So true, so true! It is only through the refiner’s fire that pure gold is produced!


  12. mafe Says:

    Praise God to this post. 🙂


  13. sarsrose Says:

    This idea has been so encouraging to me in recent years. ALL things!! Even the awful ones!


  14. Reblogged this on The Josh Fulgencio's official Online Diary and commented:
    “Don’t worry when things aren’t going your way. They’re definitely going His way!”


  15. Valarie Says:

    Thank you so much for listening to God and posting this. I needed this little reminder today. God bless you and what you do here.


  16. “Don’t worry when things aren’t going your way. They’re definitely going His way!”

    That is exactly what we all need to remember 🙂


  17. Robin Claire Says:

    [just checking off the box to receive new posts]


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