“I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship, to make artistic designs for work of gold, silver, and bronze.”  (Exodus 31:3-4, NIV)

Staying Busy

Work should never be about staying busy. Instead, it is about fulfilling an assignment from God.

God’s world is not a world of laziness. Work is an important part of God’s design for humanity. Why? Because God is a God of work. God is always active. If we are fulfilling our intended design, we will be active for His purposes. God wants to put us to work for Him right where we are.

God has assigned the work that He wants us to do. God doesn’t ask us to write our own job descriptions. He knows exactly where and when He wants to use us for His purposes. All He asks is that we turn the details over to Him.

One of the pleasures of following Jesus is that we do not have to interview for our job. He already knows our skills. He already knows the training programs that we need. He places us strategically in the job that best fits our needs and His. Today we could be flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Tomorrow we may be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. God will put us where He wants us when we are ready, and not before. The question we should be asking is not, “What should I do?” but rather “How should I serve where I am?”

Work is divinely ordained. The Spirit of God fills us for the purposes He wants us to carry out. We can always undermine those purposes and destroy our assignment, but that isn’t God’s fault.

So, take a step back from the busyness of your work life and tell yourself, “God put me where I am for a purpose – His purpose. He wants me to learn how to serve right where I am.”

Now take a close look at your job. Quit being so busy that you forget where you are and who placed you there!

Serve Him

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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18 Comments on “ARE YOU TOO BUSY?”

  1. Valarie Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this today! God and I just had a conversation about this very thing this morning. I have been thinking and praying about expanding my blog, but I am running into some trials. I prayed this morning that God would help me to not worry about it and to focus on HIM! God put me here, writing my blog everyday for a reason, and i believe that HE will grow it when it is HIs time. Thank you for reminding me to stay busy doing HIS work and let Him control the increase and the expansion. God bless you, friend! You spoke straight to my heart this morning.


  2. excellent premise, we are trained to be busy and guilty if we aren’t, this has NOTHING to do with working in, with and through Him


  3. I like your last thought – how should I be serving God where I am? So easy to be frustrated or impatient with circumstances – we are where we are for a reason.


  4. Rene Yoshi Says:

    Excellent exhortation and reminder! Thank you!


  5. Deena Siddle Says:

    Thank you words for my heart.


  6. Amen Brother !! A good reminder for all Christians !!

    Blessings in Christ, bruce


  7. This is SO SO true, and it took place in my own life. “God will put us where He wants us when we are ready, and not before.” If we let Him literally choose our job for us, He gets us the BEST one! 😀


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