“… what does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul …” (Deuteronomy 10:12, NIV)

Fear the Lord

Although Scripture uses the word “fear,” God doesn’t want us to be afraid of Him. Instead, He wants us to realize how magnificent, awe-inspiring, and deserving of our worship He is.

Interestingly, knowing that God desires our worship also helps us understand just how special we are to Him. This can lead us into a more active relationship with Him. God always expresses His love in an action toward us, and He desires that we return our loving expressions in action. He wants us to trust in His leading and follow the commands He has given for our lives.

God’s love, coupled with our sense of awe and reverence, leads us into action. Perhaps you’ve only recently come to know about God’s grace revealed through Jesus Christ. Perhaps you’ve been His devoted follower for years. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a fresh experience with God in your life. Wherever you are in your relationship with Him, take action today. Express your “fear of the Lord”.

Don’t be afraid; go for it! He is worthy of our worship!

Worthy is the Lamb

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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  1. We always fear who or what we do not know. You nailed it…if you know Him you no longer fear Him. Great post.


  2. Rene Yoshi Says:

    Amen!! \(^_^)/


  3. coffeediva Says:

    He is so worthy of our praise each and every day! We can’t do it too much 🙂


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  5. beegee10 Says:

    HE longs for our response to HIM!


  6. ddclaywriter Says:

    I love to hear of the glory, beauty and awesome splendor of God Almighty. He is to be feared and respected for who he is. The prophets of O. T. who caught a glimpse or vision of Him on the throne were taken with fear and wonder at the realization of who they were in the presence of.


  7. Sorry, I don’t agree. In my present trial I am learning to really FEAR the Almighty. Before it I would sometimes treat Father less than honourably if things didn’t go my way, and would find at those times, it hard to say to Him, “I love you”. Ranting, raving, pleading, begging, being angry, letting my prayer time slip, telling Him–like Job–how cruel He is, crying often: I did them all, but to no avail. I am realizing in a new way Who and What He is, and that He really can send me to Hell in an instant if He wants, that I deserve it, all the time still loving me. He Is Who He Is. He demands absolute surrender no less.So accept the Scripture above as it is without rationalizing the word ‘fear’. FEAR YHWH AND GIVE HIM GLORY.


  8. anncole68 Says:

    What a great message! I’m about to face a trial and I need all the trust I can get to face this trial. Fearing God – with Him on my side – is awesome knowing He is on my side as I try not to fear the other people involved.


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  10. Robin Claire Says:

    I [it was God really] invented a new word to replace the “Fear of the Lord”. It’s….
    FELOREAW [sounds like Gloria / also, rreaw – a medical term meaning “to gush out]
    FE – fear
    LO – love
    RE – reverence / respect
    AW – awe


  11. mastersquill Says:

    Well said. I suspect Saul experienced a dose of fear of the Lord when Jesus stopped him and his party in their tracks on the road to Damascus.


  12. The fear of the Lord is the *beginning* of wisdom…but perfect love casts out fear. The more I get to know God, the less I am terrified of Him, and the more I adore and marvel at Him.



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