“I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” (Ephesians 4:1, NIV)

Ephesians 41

Paul tells us to live a life worthy of the vocation we have received. This statement implies three things to me.

First, the calling of God on your life can be in your workplace – flipping burgers or heading up the boardroom. It isn’t necessary for all of us to be working as paid professional ministers. Thank God for those who are, but thank God we are not all called to do the same thing.

Second, our vocations are important to the Lord. Too many Christians think their only purpose for being in the business world is to become a “cash cow” for Christ. Granted, more income means you can and should give more, but there is so much more to being a Christian than just paying your tithes and offerings. It is an opportunity for you to mentor, disciple (or at least model) the Christian life as an example to others. It is also a place where you can excel by learning how to apply Biblical principles and strategies to your life. When you excel, you gain a platform from which to glorify Christ to a broader audience.

Third, we are to live our lives in ways that bring worth and credit to our vocation. We are not to bring a criticism to the name of Christ in the way we conduct our vocation, but rather honor. So let us choose to walk worthy of the vocation God has called us to and, in so doing, glorify Him!

Work Matters

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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5 Comments on “WORK MATTERS!”

  1. mastersquill Says:

    Excellent reminder that we can most certainly grow where we are planted. We all have unique gifts.


  2. What a great word! Thank you Dave. Great reminder for Monday morning!


  3. terribell85 Says:

    I absolutely love this and completely agree!! I have felt like since I was saved I tend to see more like transformation, more discipleship opportunities in the places I work then any other place I am in contact with people. I felt like I spent most of my day with those people so why not invest in their lives and share the principles of the Bible with them? You know… It’s always come easy for me and I have always enjoyed it and never dreaded a single minute of it… Thanks for the encouragement!!


  4. My pastor reminds us that our behavior counts in the workplace – we may be the only Gospel people see.


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