“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” (John 15:2, NIV)

John 15_2

King David was one of Israel’s greatest kings. As he prepared for his “promotion”, his life was filled with adversity. It may have seemed really strange to him, since his relationship to the king (Saul) began with two very positive events – his place as a court attendant and his slaying of Goliath. Yet the relationship was filled with hardship. Even so, David stuck it out until it finally paid off!

Similarly, when we rely on Jesus to lead us in the direction He would like our lives to go, the hardship we experience can become our helper. Hardships are an unavoidable part of following Christ, like it or not. When Christ finds something in us that isn’t bearing fruit, He will take it away. Likewise, when we are living for Him and bringing glory to the Father, He will continue to develop us in ways that will bring Him the honor and glory that He deserves.

Early in my career, I had jobs that I really didn’t enjoy. Yet God placed me there to gain experience. In some cases that experience turned out to be spiritual and not job related at all. In other situations, God was teaching me to be patient and to accept His leading. Looking back, I’m glad I gave in to God – that’s not always easy. The reward comes when God’s compassionate, yet firm determination, develops us toward spiritual, moral, and mental maturity.

When Christ asserts His Lordship by allowing adversity in our lives, how will we respond? David was talented and capable from the beginning, but he couldn’t become king until he’d gained more life experience. He may have thought he was ready, but God was preparing him. He followed the Lord and waited for his time to arrive. Through it all, God’s Word and God’s ways became more and more alive in his heart. He accepted Christ’s leading, even with all the adversity, and trusted God with His future. May we react likewise?


Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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  1. AR Neal Says:

    So needed this message today…thank you!!!


  2. Gina Says:

    I needed it too. I just resigned from a position of 5 years. Your post made me focus on the good aspects such as the experience I gained. Thanks!


  3. Lyn Says:

    I’ve got blog thoughts rattling around in my brain on this very topic. Good stuff, thank you!



  4. Reblogged this on His Eye Is On This Sparrow and commented:
    So often we believe we are ready, we have had enough teaching, yet look at David, he needed to go through years of serious, life threatening harassment from Saul before he was ready in God’s eyes. Joseph is another excellent example. Interesting enough, these men tragically suffered through tormenting persecution they didn’t deserve. Often, I feel I have been tragically tormented and persecuted, then I am reminded of these men and God’s full purpose for them. God called that man hiding in caves and running for his life, David, ” A man after His own heart!” God used the frightened boy thrown in a well by his brothers then sold as a slave, Joseph, to save His very people, His most beloved nation! David’s psalms clearly tell of his anguish and despair. Had we been flies in Joseph’s walls, (whether well wall or prison wall) I am sure we would have heard similar anguish, but neither of these men lost faith! We must not lose faith, either!


  5. Nin Ashmore Says:

    This is a blessing. It gave me food for thought as I thought about places I’ve been in the work of the Lord that I wouldn’t have personally chosen, but the experience I’ve gained has been valuable. Maybe it’s not wood, hay, and stubble after all.


  6. This is very likely my last year of serving The Lord as Churchwarden, I will have completed 11, and they have been difficult, but through all what I have known is The Lord with me and His transforming of the ordinary and the plain in the most amazing ways, we tend not to see what God sees!


  7. Reblogged this on A Pastor's Thoughts and commented:
    These are good words to consider when life seems to be getting the best of you.


  8. granonine Says:

    When I was young, I believed that age would give me all the right answers. I would know how to solve every problem. Now I’m nearly 66. The problems just change as we age, and the level of trust in God has to grow accordingly. There will always be adversity. There is always the Savior.


  9. TheMitchNiche Says:

    Great post! This simple lesson is something I often have trouble remember. I might not always be where I want to, but I’m there for a reason!




  11. Loved your comment on especially made’s site.


  12. bwcarey Says:

    you just have to believe it


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  14. cherylz1961 Says:

    Thanks for the pingback! Be sure to visit my Encouragement Blog


  15. Ali Says:

    As i have to to realise to the read to success as believers can be laden with lots of trials it is important that we keep our faith in Gods word because it is always success at the end.


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