“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” (Psalm 31:24, NIV)


There’s a cross on the top of Red Mountain overlooking the valley town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It stands about 66 feet tall and appears to be constructed of silver scaffolding. As darkness descends on Glenwood Springs the cross begins to glow. Its surface come to life. Moonlight, starlight, and cross light dance across the darkening sky. The darker the night becomes, the brighter the cross seems to shine.

For you and me, darkness comes in many forms. There is the darkness of loneliness, isolation, depression, and abandonment. There is the darkness of pain, anger, bitterness, and regret. There is the darkness of disappointment, failure, hopelessness, and despair. The darkness of a heavy heart can rival the blackness of any night. But it is in the darkest night of the soul that a ray of light can be found. It’s the light of the cross.

Scripture describes the scene surrounding another cross in vivid detail.

A darkened hill. A wooden cross. A hammer and nails. A bruised and beaten man. Soldiers. Skeptics. Scoffers. All present to heighten the pain. Heaven fell silent.

This scene was so vital, it became the centerpiece of human history. For this was no ordinary man, and this was no ordinary darkness. His was no ordinary death. All the anger, hatred, greed, corruption, crime, injustice, and evil ever done by anyone at any time in any place for any reason was all placed upon one innocent person.

Why would the God of creation endure the humiliation of crucifixion? For many reasons, perhaps. But certainly for one simple one. He did it to win your heart. He did it to win your soul and to bring you hope. Hope for whatever darkness may be present in your life. His sacrifice is your security. His brokenness is your healing.

Does the darkness of despair threaten to extinguish your hope? Christ’s cross is brilliant in the darkness.

Has the nightfall of suffering overshadowed your life? Christ’s cross is brilliant in the midst of suffering.

Is the blackness of bitterness overwhelming your spirit? Christ’s cross is brilliant in the blackness of bitterness.

Whenever trouble strikes, take courage. Whatever crisis comes, have hope. Christ’s cross is a guide through uncertainty, a path through insecurity, and peace in the toughest of times. When darkness closes in and shadows seem to surround you, one light still shines. The light of the cross. And it is brilliant in the darkness.

christ's light

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

This devotional was originally written by Todd Chobotar, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief at Florida Hospital. Edited by “Working for Christ”. Used with permission for educational purposes. All rights reserved.

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14 Comments on “THE LIGHT OF THE CROSS!”

  1. I really appreciate your post today!!!! Let’s just say God’s timing is always perfect!!!

    Take Care My Friend and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  2. shadowlilies Says:

    Beautiful…Love this! I am so thankful for what Jesus did for us, the depths of which are always felt deeper when reading something like this…Such amazing love…


  3. garden2day Says:

    😀 You said it all. Take care! 😀


  4. bernasvibe Says:

    So many things I’d read & seen in my Life Journey similar to this before I could “see” and “feel” IT..And now that I’m “living” such words? When I happen to read such things; its just more confirmation. Beautiful cross those folks in Colorado have there; I’d loveeee to stand before it ..Under the moonlight & the stars. Very thankful you shared this or I’d not even know it existed.


  5. All I can say is wow. Great post. Thanks for sharing it.


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