“God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.” (James 4:6, NIV)

Roman Parade

In early Rome, when a general returned home from a victorious battle, the town would throw a parade to celebrate his victory. The parade would include the general’s troops, as well as “trophy” captives who had been brought along as evidence of their success. As the parade made its way through the city, the crowds would cheer their hero’s success. To prevent the general’s ego from becoming unduly swollen, a slave would ride along with him in his chariot. Why? So that as the crowds praised the general, the slave could continually whisper in his ear, “Remember, you too are mortal.”

Often, when we are successful, we too lose sight of our own mortality and allow our hearts to be filled with pride. James points us away from the danger of pride by pointing us toward humility and toward the Lord. He wrote, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6, RSV). The key to that statement is grace. Nothing is more wonderful! Nothing is more powerful!

Many of us are surprised when we realize that our achievements, success, or greatness do not come from our own hard work or from within ourselves. The truth is, they are the product of God’s grace. He alone deserves the thanks and praise for all our successes and achievements. And He deserves the thanks and praise for the grace He has showered upon us.

God’s grace is His infinite love expressing itself through His infinite goodness.


Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ”!

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  1. garden2day Says:

    So true. I get excited too easily–even giving praise to God, I still cross the prideful boundary a little too far–no ill intent. A great reminder… 🙂 Take care! 😀


  2. bwcarey Says:

    yip, but you have to practice, put the word into actions. in a word, where there is no forgiving, there will be no God


  3. Another great post, Dave. God has been reminding me about this lately. It’s all about Him. His story…His glory.


  4. The longer I live for Christ I find that this humility does not extend just to my righteousness or my ability to walk in holiness but to every area of success anywhere in my life. I cannot work, play, relate or do anything in a completely healthy way without Jesus grace at work constantly in my life!


  5. Rene Yoshi Says:

    True…. Love that quote!


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