“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105, NIV)

Internet Down

I woke up one day last week and discovered that my internet connection was down. I immediately contacted my service provider. They sent a guy out about two hours later. He conducted some tests and concluded that my modem needed to be replaced. “Sounds great,” I said, “go ahead, replace it.” But he didn’t have a replacement with him. The earliest he could bring one was the next day. I “freaked out” when I thought about being without my internet for the next twenty-four hours! “How in the world am I going to survive for that amount of time?”

Then I asked myself this question, “Would I be as upset if my connection with God was lost for a day?” What a humbling thought! I am ashamed to admit it, but there have been way too many times that I’ve been so busy I have completely forgotten to include God in my day. Believe me, those days haven’t been intentional, they just happen.

The author of Psalm 119 recognized the importance of a connection to God. He asked God to teach him His statutes and give him understanding of His law. Then he prayed that he would obey it with his whole heart, walk in the path of God’s commandments, and turn his eyes away from worthless things (Psalm 119:33-37, NIV). By meditating on God’s Word and then applying it, the psalmist stayed “connected” to God. And, so can we!

When my internet was down for the day, I did the unthinkable – I opened a book and began to read. Just like I did before the internet was available in every home throughout America, I opened my Bible and studied the “old-fashioned way.” And, guess what? It was wonderful!

God's Word

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ!”

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  1. Now that’s a good devotion!!!! five Smoothies……

    Take Care My Friend and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T


  2. Ah yes…what would we do without technology? It’s a great tool but we can become so dependent on it. Thanks for the great reminder. In His Service, Jeff


  3. bwcarey Says:

    sometimes problems can be blessings. i have no TV at the moment, my writing has exploded!


  4. This is good and really – really – really like the analogy of the internet connection vs our relationship with God. I know how I feel when I don’t have my morning time with Him. Continue writing for Him…



  5. garden2day Says:

    I love the pic at the bottom! I think we do well to do without sometimes 😀 . It is very humbling. Take care of yourself! 😀


  6. Nin Ashmore Says:

    This is a wonderful illustration. I admit I love the Internet for my blog, to gather information and for youtube. But I would also agree, that peace and quiet is a good thing, resting your mind is good for your soul.

    Recently I took time off from my blog and from Facebook and do you know, it was a blessing?


  7. Rene Yoshi Says:

    LOVE this! Thank you!


  8. coffeediva Says:

    Perfect reminder! I’m guilty of this very thing. I need to dedicate more of each and every day to spending time with God and strengthen my relationship with him. Happy Sunday 🙂


  9. jenny Says:

    Thank you for de simple yet sharp reminder for us, keep connect to Christ 🙂


  10. Reblogged this on colouryourdream and commented:
    Good reminder!


  11. What a great post! I was thinking a long time ago about having an Internet “free” day!


  12. Nancy Ruegg Says:

    Oh, yes, a time of refreshing in God’s Word and in His presence provides the strength, wisdom, hope, and encouragement I need to face life’s challenges. As the psalmist said, “Your statues are my delight; they are my counselors” (Psalm 119:24).


  13. Great post! It’s good to take a break from technology. Sometimes, God has to pry it out of our hands, like I have to do with my kids and tv/video games.


  14. granonine Says:

    Wow. Catching up on my blog-reading, and God knew I needed to see this today. Ok, walking away from my computer and getting busy 🙂


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