“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord.” (Colossians 3:23-24, NIV)


Many of us believe that work isn’t a spiritual activity. Somewhere along the way we were taught – or we simply believed – that there is no connection between God and our work (unless of course we become pastors). Nothing could be further from the truth. When we dismiss work as something non-spiritual, we forget that God is the Lord over everything, including work – no matter what we do to make a living.

Some of us, too, are under the impression that we are on our own – we have to do everything by ourselves. We operate with a self-sufficient, got-to-do-it-myself attitude. Again, God promises that we are never alone. We know that He will never abandon us, no matter how high or how low we feel, no matter how difficult things may become, and no matter how self-sufficient we think we are. He is always here for us, with us, and ready to work through us. “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5, NIV)

Finally, there are some of us who feel that our work is just a waste. We sometimes believe that the tasks of our daily work may be meaningless in the eyes of the Lord. We think that our jobs are too small or too pointless or otherwise too empty to be meaningful. The truth of the matter is this: God delights in everything we do. He designed us uniquely, and He enjoys our work like a father delights in a child. If a human father feels delight in his children, imagine how much more God delights in His. While we may often feel that our work is unimportant, He fully supports our efforts as a reflection of His glory in His creation. “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (I Corinthians 10:31, NIV)

Don’t lose sight of these simple, basic truths. It’s so easy to get off track without even realizing it. Instead of turning God’s light off when you go to work, flip the switch. Allow God’s light to shine in whatever you do – especially throughout your workplace.

Flip the Switch

Enjoy your day, “Working for Christ!”

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5 Comments on “FLIP THE SWITCH!”

  1. Amazing post! I was at a cross roads on how to proceed in a certain area and the words that dropped in my spirit “Do it as unto the Lord”. The ‘it’ is whatever we do for the Lord. In my case it was singing, giving, attending church. Thank you for the confirming scripture. God never leaves us wondering.



    • Thanks for your comment, Jacqueline. Before I write this blog, I ask the Holy Spirit to direct me and use me to the glory of God. He knows what He is doing and gets it to those who are faithful! May God continue to bless you in everything you do. 🙂 Dave


  2. There is no unimportant work in God’s kingdom. Every task has the potential of reaping untold eternal fruit in the kingdom. When we commit what we do to the Lord, His Spirit has the opportunity to invade that work and make it precious beyond price.


  3. Amen. This is so true – there is nothing so mean or insignificant that God does not see it as important. And even if others do not see, God really does and will honour your efforts and faithfulness.


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